LYA Private Auction Services

LYA offers Auction Platforms to efficiently sell a variety of high value assets. These include among other things spectrum licenses, towers for wireless siting, diamonds, power auctions and procurement auctions .

LYA’s Auction Platforms can be hosted by the client to conduct their own auctions using LYA’s software, or LYA can conduct auctions on behalf of third parties, taking care of the entire auction process from design all the way through to final results and auction validation.

LYA’s service includes developing the Offering Memorandum, including assessing values and setting reserve prices, contacting potential buyers and managing relationships. LYA’s Auction Platforms provide for secure two-factor bidder login, including advanced monitoring features for auctioneers, multiple options for round pricing, a messaging system, round reports, and a full event log for post-auction audit.

LYA can support auctions using different formats, that can be tailored to the specific situation. This includes multiple round ascending auctions, combinatorial auctions, one-round sealed bid auctions, procurement auctions or other custom formats.

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